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Effect This baguette offers a small boost to health. (Familiarty 1)
Those familiar gain more health when sinking their teeth into this wholesome treat. (Familiarity 2)

Baguette is a Consumable in Mortal Shell. Baguette can be consumed and provides the following effect: "This baguette offers a small boost to health.". Consumables can be dropped by Enemies or found inside chests and crates.


A baguette of mundane origin.

A favorite of vagabonds and hierophants alike. Though Nektar may nourish the spirit, bread fortifies the body.


 Baguette Use

  • This baguette gives 40 health. (Familiarity 1)
  • Those familiar gain 60 health. (Familiarity 2)


Where to Find Baguette

  • 1x can be found at Fallgrim, inside a chest located at the big campsite inside a valley
  • 1x can be found at Dim Gate, after entering the room with grated floor and 2x Sublime Sester, turn right and run to the end of the ledge and drop down to the teleporter below, which will take you to a chest.


Baguette Notes & Tips

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  • Other notes...



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    • There is another.
      Dim gate area go up stairs. When you reach area with two sublime sester archers on a precarious metal grate go immediate right towards a ledge. Drop down and take damage. Teleporter at the bottom takes you to top of dim gate area and item is at end of ledge.

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