Tainted Nektar

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Effect This foul slurry rend you from your shell. (Familiarity 1)
Those familiar with the foul nektar are able to extract a single drop of tar (Familiarty 2)

Tainted Nektar  is a Consumable in Mortal Shell. Tainted Nektar can be consumed and provides the following effect: "This foul slurry rend you from your shell. (Familiarity 1)". Consumables can be dropped by Enemies or found inside chests and crates.


Tainted Nektar unfit for consumption.

This unpurified nektar was left to rot, turning rancid and unfit for sacred rites.


 Tainted Nektar Use

  • This foul slurry rend you from your shell. (Familiarity 1).
  • Those familiar with the foul nektar are able to extract a single drop of tar (Familiarty 2)


Where to Find Tainted Nektar


Tainted Nektar Notes & Tips

  • Using this item does not use up the "ejection charge" for your shell, so it can be used as a risky full heal, while retaining the ability to be thrown out of your shell by reaching 0 health and allowing you to heal up by reclaiming your shell yet again.
  • This item works similar to the hidden tooth in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in that it allows you to "suicide" in order to utilize extra lives more efficiently than death by combat would allow.
  • Can be used to revert to Foundling form in a safe place without having to put yourself in danger through combat. Useful for hearing unique NPC dialogue for talking to them in Foundling form or if you wish to change the Shade of your Foundling form at Gorf (or switch to a previously unlocked Shade at Sester Ganessa)  
  • With enough Shell Effigies, you can make a stone garden. Eject yourself from your shell, use an effigy to switch to a different shell (your old shell will remain where it is), rinse and repeat. 



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