Accretion of Ascent (Hadern)

Effect Hadern is able to recollect one of Harros's abilities.
Shell Hadern

Accretion of Ascent (Hadern) is one of the Hadern Shell Abilities in Mortal Shell. Accretion of Ascent (Hadern) provides: "Hadern is able to recollect one of Harros's abilities." and requires 1,100 Tar and 8 Glimpses to be unlocked.


 The forgemaster listens with rapt attention. He knows too, this seedling can't be contained by our crude implements. We are in agreement. I will bring him iron and he will construct a fearsome cage, a maze that grows more perilous with each new addition. I hope that keeps my hateful kin at bay.


Accretion of Ascent (Hadern) Effect:

  • Hadern is able to recollect one of Harros's abilities.
  • Acquiring Accretion of Ascent (Hadern) will allow you to activate one of the following abilities from Harros' ability pool with adjusted Tar and Glimpse costs:
Accretion of Resolve 1,250 7 Harden cooldown is reduced by 25%.
Accretion of Endurance 1,500 10 Hardening causes Harros's stamina to rapidly refill.
Accretion of Ascent 250 1 Killing two enemies in quick succession resets your harden cooldown.
Accretion of Inheritance 550 4 Hardening lasts for twice as long upon being broken
  Accretion of Yearning 550 4 Adds a chance for enemies to drop an additional glimpse on death.
Accretion of Foresight 250 1 Gaining a glimpse has a chance to restore some health.
Accretion of Dominance 500 3 For a short time after hardening, enemies killed have a chance to drop an additional glimpse



How to unlock Accretion of Ascent (Hadern):

  • You will first need to find the Hadern shell and discover its name.
  • Talk to Awaken Sester Genessa and use 1,100 tar_icon_mortal_shell_wiki_guide_25px and 8 glimpse_icon_mortal_shell_wiki_guide_25px to unlock it.


Accretion of Ascent (Hadern) Notes and Tips




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    • You need to have obtained the Shell and learned its name.
      You do not need to purchase the Ability on the other Shell.
      You do need to purchase the Ability here at 50% of the Tar/Glimpse cost.
      The selected Ability can be changed later.

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