Recollection of Strength (Hadern)

Effect Hadern can either kick or throw knives.
Shell Hadern

Recollection of Strength (Hadern) is one of Hadern Shell Abilities in Mortal Shell. Recollection of Strength (Hadern) provides: "Hadern can either kick or throw knives." and requires 1,000 Tar and 6 Glimpses to be unlocked.


 The divine is not ours to extract and consume. I tried to warn the others, but their bodies and minds had already been twisted by this blasphemous act. Even the Revered reflect their madness, their hate. They are lost. They drink deeply and forget their names, their purpose, replacing their beliefs with falsehoods. There is only you, unborn. Prepare. For I shall test you.


Recollection of Strength (Hadern) Effect:

  • Hadern can either kick or throw knives. Press Square (PS4) to use. 


How to unlock Recollection of Strength (Hadern):

  • You will first need to find the Hadern shell and discover its name.
  • Talk to Awaken Sester Genessa and use 1,000 tar icon mortal shell wiki guide 25px and 6 glimpse icon mortal shell wiki guide 25px to unlock it, then spend an additional 400 Tar and 2 Glimpses to unlock either skill. 


Recollection of Strength (Hadern) Notes and Tips

  • Throwing knives are unique to Hadern and unlock a tutorial explanation when purchased. They cost a small amount of resolve and deal 5 damage to enemies struck. Must be locked on to use. 
  • Successfully kicking an enemy will stun them for a brief moment. Costs one full bar of resolve to use.




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