Accretion of Yearning (Hadern)

Effect Hadern is able to recollect one of Eredrim's abilities.
Shell Hadern

Accretion of Yearning (Hadern) is one of Hadern Shell Abilities in Mortal Shell. Accretion of Yearning (Hadern) provides: "Hadern is able to recollect one of Eredrim's abilities." and requires 500 Tar and 2 Glimpses to be unlocked.


 I found the priest in a squalid temple. I explained that her goddess had sent me. Of course, she was unimpressed until I led her to the exquisite, impossible creature. How could it be anything other than divine? She worshipped at its feet and our bargain was struck. She would burrow into the bowels of earth and await deliverance.


Accretion of Yearning (Hadern) Effect:

  • Hadern is able to recollect one of Eredrim's abilities.
  • Acquiring Accretion of Yearning (Hadern) will allow you to activate one of the following abilities from Eredrim's ability pool with adjusted Tar and Glimpse costs:
Accretion of Resolve 550 4 Eredrim gains an execution stack upon killing an enemy, each stack increases base attack damage. Stacks are lost when separating from Eredrim.
Accretion of Endurance 500 3 Eredrim's Max HP is increased by 15%
Accretion of Ascent 550 4 Eredrim's attacks deal additional poise damage, causing enemies to stagger more frequently.
Accretion of Inheritance 1,250 7 Eredrim deals extra damage against enemies who are alone.
  Accretion of Yearning 250 1 Eredrim is occasionally able to resist being knocked down.
Accretion of Foresight 250 1 On kill, Eredrim gains a buff which reduces damage taken by 5% for 10 seconds.
Accretion of Dominance 1,500 10 Upon reclaiming Eredrim your next attack will deal massive damage, sometimes exploding your enemies into a bloody mist.



How to unlock Accretion of Yearning (Hadern):

  • You will first need to find the Hadern shell and discover its name.
  • Talk to Awaken Sester Genessa and use 500 tar_icon_mortal_shell_wiki_guide_25px and 2 glimpse_icon_mortal_shell_wiki_guide_25px to unlock it.


Accretion of Yearning (Hadern) Notes and Tips




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