Recollection of Death (Hadern)

Effect Hadern gains an ability upon defeating enough foes.
Shell Hadern

Recollection of Death (Hadern) is one of Hadern Shell Abilities in Mortal Shell. Recollection of Death (Hadern) provides: "Hadern gains an ability upon defeating enough foes." and requires 4,000 Tar and 25 Glimpses to be unlocked.


I saw him again. The dreamer--he found me in the murky shallows--but this time... it was different. He tore open my skin. Wore my flesh like a suit of mail. When I awoke, he slept--as he always did--beneath his sister. But I could feel something inside me changed. I can't explain it but... I... I must leave.


Recollection of Death (Hadern) Effect:

  • Hadern gains an ability upon defeating enough foes.


How to unlock Recollection of Death (Hadern):

  • You will first need to find the Hadern shell and discover its name.
  • Talk to Awaken Sester Genessa and use 4,000 tar_icon_mortal_shell_wiki_guide_25px and 25 glimpse_icon_mortal_shell_wiki_guide_25px to unlock it.


Recollection of Death (Hadern) Notes and Tips

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    • Buying this ability allows you to select one of two options for an additional 400 Tar and 2 Glimpses.
      Last Chance - If you've been ejected from your shell once, killing 10 enemies will allow you another ejection without death.
      Enhanced Harden - You gain the ability to move for 10 sec while hardened, but cannot sprint or use weapons.
      These can be changed later.

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