We Were Never Friends

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Immediately adds 15 Glimpses.
Category Immediate Instinct

We Were Never Friends is an Instinct in Mortal Shell. Instincts are an upgrade mechanic exclusive to The Virtuous Cycle game mode which requires the DLC to acquire. Instincts provide the player with various buffs and ability modifications to help them tackle the Roguelike mechanics of The Virtuous Cycle. 



We Were Never Friends Information:

We Were Never Friends is an Immediate Instinct that provides the following effect:

  • Immediately adds 15 Glimpses. 


How to Get We Were Never Friends:

  • We Were Never Friends can be acquired by defeating the Mini-Boss Evil Baghead, a palette swapped version of Baghead who functions as a common Brigand, but with more health and poise.


We Were Never Friends Notes and Tips

  • The name of this instinct is possibly a reference to the 2017 videogame Ruiner, where WE WERE NEVER FRIENDS is one the many phrases that appears on the protagonist's neon helmet in place of dialogue. 




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