Endless Unborn

Endless Unborn
Immediately restores your ability to reclaim your shell upon death.
Category Immediate Instinct

Endless Unborn is an Instinct in Mortal Shell. Instincts are an upgrade mechanic exclusive to The Virtuous Cycle game mode which requires the DLC to acquire. Instincts provide the player with various buffs and ability modifications to help them tackle the Roguelike mechanics of The Virtuous Cycle. 



Endless Unborn Information:

Endless Unborn is an Immediate Instinct that provides the following effect:

  • Immediately restores your ability to reclaim your shell upon death.

Note that this Instinct only provides its effect if you have already used your Last Chance ability in the current Cycle by having your health depleted and your Foundling expelled from your Shell.


How to Get Endless Unborn:

  • Endless Unborn can be acquired as a Bonus Instinct when acquiring other Instincts.


Endless Unborn Related Upgrades:

As an Immediate Instinct, Endless Unborn can be influenced by the following Runic Gate upgrades:

  • Improved Last Chance - Improves the chance of finding Endless Unborn when acquiring other Instincts.
  • Enemies Instinct - Gives a chance to acquire Instincts from basic enemies, including Immediate Instincts.


Endless Unborn Notes and Tips

  • Endless Unborn has no effect if you have not spent your Last Chance ability.
  • Immediate Instincts provide one-off bonuses. 




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