Seal Infusion - Inflamed

 Seal Infusion - Inflamed
Equipment Tarnished Seal
Key Item Required Inflamed Gland

Seal Infusion - Inflamed is one of the Tarnished Seal Abilities in Mortal Shell. Seal Infusion - Inflamed requires 1 resolve to be activated. To unlock this Tarnished Seal Ability, bring the Inflamed Gland to The Old Prisoner.


 Seal Infusion - Inflamed Use

  • Spend 1 Resolve to perform an Empowered Riposte. Your riposte will attach a charged larva to your enemy which explodes after a short period of time.
  • The riposte itself won't deal any damage, but the larva deals high AoE damage to the target and all nearby enemies.


How to unlock Seal Infusion - Inflamed


Seal Infusion - Inflamed Notes & Tips

  • The explosion will damage the player.  Be wary of using this ability on enemies with lunge attacks.  One such example is the Sturdyman.
  • The self-damage of the explosion can be nullified by Hardening.  The explosion will not trigger the Hardened state to end.  This also means that no chip damage will be inflicted on the (Hardened) player on higher NG cycles.



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