Seal Infusion - Crystalline

Equipment Tarnished Seal
Key Item Required Crystalline Gland

Seal Infusion - Crystalline is one of the Tarnished Seal Abilities in Mortal Shell. Seal Infusion - Crystalline requires 1 resolve to be activated. Players will first need to unlock Seal Infusion - Crystalline at an Anvil by using Crystalline Gland.


 Seal Infusion - Crystalline Use

  • Spend 1 Resolve to perform an Empowered Riposte. Your riposte will unleash your foundling dealing very high damage


How to unlock Seal Infusion - Crystalline


Seal Infusion - Crystalline Notes & Tips

  • This ability deals the same damage as the Inflamed larva in a shorter time.  It can also hit enemies behind your target with its third strike.
  • Enemies hit with the third strike are inflicted with a very mild poison.
  • Unlike other Seal Abilities,  the player is vulnerable while using this one.  This ability is best used on enemies who are either isolated or alone.




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