Can be used to perform Weapon Abilities or to Parry Attacks.
 Type Stat

Resolve is a Stat in Mortal Shell. Resolve can be used to perform Weapon Abilities and Tarnished Seal Abilities and  is displayed as small bars on the bottom left part of the screen above Health.


Resolve Information

  • Resolve is displayed as small bars on the bottom left part of the screen above Health.
  • Weapon Abilities consume 2 bars of resolve when used
  • Tarnished Seal Abilities consume 1 bar of resolve when used.
  • The Tarnished Seal will glow white each time you fill a Resolve Bar.


How to increase Resolve:

  • The amount of Resolve depends on the Shell the player is currently using.
  • Solomon has the highest resolve among all Shells. He also has the Accretion of Resolve which adds 1 additional bar when not holding a Gland.


How to acquire Resolve:

  • Resolve can be acquired by dealing damage to Enemies or Bosses.
  • Successfully parrying when out of Resolve will immediately fill 1 resolve bar.
  • Using the Etherial Diapason with 2 familiarity will restore all resolve.
  • Consuming Inferior Moonshine and Superior Moonshine provide Resolve.
  • Consuming a Golden Bell will increase Resolve acquisition for some time.
  • Consuming a Scripture of Defiance and successfully performing a parry will provide 1 or 2 bars of Resolve, depending on familiarity level.
  • Using the Untarnished Mask with 2 familiarity will provide 1 bar of Resolve.
  • Some Solomon Abilities can provide additional resolve.
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