Impervious Lute

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Effect You can play it to lure enemies to your current position.

Impervious Lute  is an Unlimited Use Item in Mortal Shell. Impervious Lute can be consumed and provides the following effect: "You can play it to lure enemies to your current position." Unlimited Use Item can be dropped by Enemies or found inside chests and crates.


An unbreakable lute.

The Arch Engineer had this instrument commissioned because he kept breaking his strings. Unbeknownst to him, the entire instrument was crafted from obsidianite and is completely unbreakable.


 Impervious Lute Use

  • Lute is life. (Familiarity 1). You can play it to lure enemies to your current position.
  • It must have taken a while to have gotten this good (Familiarity 10)


Where to Find Impervious Lute

  • Can be found at Fallgrim. Head to the large campsite located at the right part of the map inside a valley. Defeat the enemies and one of the Melee Brigands will drop it.

    large campside


Impervious Lute Notes & Tips

  • If played for Sester Genessa she will react to you. 
  • To obtain shades from Gorf you need to play a lute or impervious lute after giving him the required food.
  • If you play to the non-aggro lute playing brigands, they will copy the song you are playing. (Only tested at max familiarity)
  • The Lute is also available in the Reverie for 50,000 Tar. Once purchased it remains unlocked even if broken and does not need to be repurchased. It provides a passive bonus of 30 stamina. It can be played three times per cycle to make you immune to stagger for 2 minutes. 



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    • I've found that if you play to certain npcs that you play different songs. only tried it with the tower prisoner and the tower merchant and they both had their own songs.

      • i noticed something cool. i was approaching the camp outside of the shrine of ash and i used the impervious lute to lure the enemies from the camp to my position. all of them reacted to my lute and started coming to me. after i killed them all i noticed that the lute playing enemy was still sitting at the fire and suddently adapted my song that i played with the imprevious lute (fam. 10). so i started going a bit closer to him and played again and he immediately adapted to my song, playing in a duo! i also used the normal lute which plays a different song. but then he just switches back to another song from himself. funny thing is; he isnt agressive anymore and keeps playing and whenever i start to play with the impervious lute, he immediately adapts my song and plays with me in a duo :) funny little details...

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