Nascent Tar

Nascent Tar
Effect Can be consumed to obtain 2500 tar. (Familiarity 1)

Nascent Tar is a Currency Item in Mortal Shell. Nascent Tar can be consumed to obtain 2500 tar, which can be used to upgrade the different Shell Abilities by talking to Sester Genessa. Currency Items can be dropped by Enemies or found inside chests and crates.


 Nascent Tar separated from Pure Nektar. This tar is still warm, as if just extracted. The dark splotchy color shimmers with a liminal essence. Suck a rare gift is almost as potent as Pure Nektar, though it contains all the venom found in the Sacred Gland it was excised from.


 Nascent Tar Use

  • Can be consumed to obtain 2500 tar. (Familiarity 1)


Where to Find Nascent Tar


Nascent Tar Notes & Tips

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