Movement Speed +

Movement Speed +
Movement speed +5.
Category Mortal Instinct

Movement Speed + is an Instinct in Mortal Shell. Instincts are an upgrade mechanic exclusive to The Virtuous Cycle game mode which requires the DLC to acquire. Instincts provide the player with various buffs and ability modifications to help them tackle the Roguelike mechanics of The Virtuous Cycle. 



Movement Speed + Information:

Movement Speed + is a Mortal Instinct that provides the following effect:

  • Movement speed +5.

Mortal Instincts provide small, flat bonuses to general attributes. While the bonuses are miniscule on their own, there are plenty of Mortal Instincts that can be found in a single Cycle and stacking the same types can quickly raise your total bonuses. Movement Speed + receives +5 bonus per stack.


Movement Speed + Related Upgrades:

As a Mortal Instinct, Movement Speed + can be influenced by the following Runic Gate upgrades:

  • Abundance - Improves the chance of finding Mortal Instincts from world items (shiny nodes, stone chests, etc.)
  • Enemies Instinct - Gives a chance to acquire Instincts from basic enemies, including Mortal Instincts.


Movement Speed + Notes and Tips

  • Mortal Instincts can be acquired from PillarsBosses and Mini-Bosses and World Items such as Stone Chests and shiny nodes.
  • Mortal Instincts can be acquired as a Bonus Instinct when receiving a Regular Instinct from a Pillar, Boss or Mini-Boss. When encountered in this manner, the Mortal Instinct will be acquired on top of your chosen Regular Instinct.
  • Mortal Instincts can also be acquired from basic enemies with the appropriate Runic Gate upgrade unlocked.
  • Once a Cycle is over either by completion or failure, all Instincts are lost and new ones need to be acquired in the next Cycle.




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