Martyr's Altar is a Location in Mortal Shell. A holy chamber, where the Immaculate's presence is undeniable. Her eternal winter preserves the martyrs, so they may serve in death. Their mottled flesh is rendered into scriptures and passed out amongst the faithful.


Martyr's Altar

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Full Martyr's Altar Walkthrough

Talk to Sester Genessa, you can find a hidden Etching "They Grow Opaque" by hitting the wall right from her position. You can also find a Weltcap spawn.


Once you are ready, continue ahead. Before drinking the Nektar, explore the left part of the room and you'll find an opening. Crawl inside and you'll find the "Kneel before the Immaculate"  Inscription and a chest with 1x Glimpse of Truth and 1x Effigy of Eredrim.


Head back and drink the Nektar and the boss fight Tarsus, The First Martyr will begin.


Once you defeat him, you'll acquire 1x Crystalline Gland and 1x Nascent Tar. Talk to Sester Genessa and head back.


As soon as you enter the tunnel you'll notice that stalactites fall over your head. You'll hear a sound each time they do. Defeat 1x Gragu and go up using the stairs to your right.


You'll have to fight 3x Slave of Scorn, 1x Crypt Wraith and 1x Gragu. There's 1x Remnant of Tar to your right. Once you reach the top defeat 1x Crypt Wraith and 1x Enslaved Disciple and keep going. On the next room you'll fin 1x Crypt Wraith and 1x Slave of Scorn.


Head onwards and defeat 1x Gragu. Use the stairs to your left and go upwards. You'll find 1x Slurry of Tar and another 1x Gragu. Once you reach the top defeat 1x Nocteserper and explore the area to find 1x Congealed Tar. Keep going and defeat 2x Nocteserper.


Head inside the building where you'll fight 2x Nocteserper. Go up the small stairs and another 3x Nocteserper will be waiting for you. Once you defeat them open the door to find Sester Genessa.


Head to the area where you defeated the Enslaved Grisha, you'll find 4x Crypt Wraith and 2x Enslaved Disciple. Once you defeat them go up using the ramp and defeat 2x Slave of Scorn and 2x Nocteserper.


Head inside and defeat 2x Nocteserper, then head right and defeat 1x Enslaved Disciple. Turn left and fight 2x Slave of Scorn. Go up the stairs and fight 3x Nocteserper.


Cross the corridor and fight 1x Slave of Scorn and 2x Crypt Wraith. You'll now reach the entrance of the Abandoned Chamber.


Speak to Sester Genessa and head back to the Fallgrim Tower. Note that you will now be located inside "The Mist". While inside the Mist, Fallgrim will not change but Enemies are replaced by Nocteserpers and Grishas and frog chests are unlocked. Once you reach the Fallgrim Tower talk to the Old Prisoner to acquire ???.



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