Glimpse of Truth

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Effect Can be consumed to obtain 15 glimpses. (Familiarty 1)

Glimpse of Truth is an Experience Item in Mortal Shell. Glimpse of Truth can be consumed to obtain 15 glimpses, which can be used to upgrade the different Shell Abilities by talking to Sester Genessa. Experience Items can be dropped by Enemies or found inside chests and crates.


 This Glimpse of Truth glows bright. Grasped within the glimpse, there are multitudes. Their bodies thread together, forming a single indivisible being without a name. this nameless, formless creature speaks in all tongues. It speaks the bearer's name. It is burgeoning and unravelling all at once. The vison grants more questions than answers.


 Glimpse of Truth Use

  • Can be consumed to obtain 15 glimpses. (Familiarty 1)


Where to Find Glimpse of Truth

  • Looking at the entrance to the Abandoned Chamber, take the last left before the entrance. Follow it straight, go through a crawl space, the Glimpse of Truth will be in the right


Glimpse of Truth Notes & Tips

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